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DMP – Disease Management Programme

The "Disease Management Program" DMP for short, in German "Programs for the Treatment of Diseases" are offered by the statutory health insurance for some chronic diseases. These include coronary heart disease (CHD) and type II diabetes mellitus. We offer both programs in our practice. These programs enable us to provide you with even more intensive medical support. This gives us the opportunity to examine you at shorter intervals in order to be able to discover impending deterioration as quickly as possible.

Health Check (from 35 years)

From the age of 35 you are entitled to a health check-up every three years for the early detection of kidney, cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes mellitus, for example ) and a urine strip test. In addition, you will be asked a doctor about your state of health and previous findings.

  • Since autumn 2021 you will also have a one-off entitlement to a screening to detect a hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infection. This should enable undetected infections to be detected and treated at an early stage in order to prevent long-term effects.

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Fill out the health form for the check-up examination at home and bring it with you to the examination.

Early Detection Of Skin Cancer (from 35 years)

From the age of 35, you are entitled to a skin cancer check-up every 2 years. Birthmarks and skin changes are examined in order to identify signs of cancer in good time.


Vaccinations are a particularly important preventive measure against serious illnesses. Most of the vaccinations are covered by health insurance companies. Only travel vaccinations and a few special vaccinations have to be borne by the patients themselves.

STIKO = Standing vaccination committee

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You will receive comprehensive advice from us during a consultation. In addition, some vaccinations should be refreshed regularly. If you are unsure about your vaccination status, just talk to us. It is best to use our online-form to make an appointment. If you can no longer find your vaccination certificate, you can get a new one when you visit the practice for a fee of 2 €.

Our team also advises you on the topics of travel medicine and travel vaccinations. Before you travel, find out what the requirements of the destination country are.

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Youth Occupational Health And Safety Investigation

This examination is compulsory if a person between the ages of 15 and 18 wants to start a job, e.g. an apprenticeship. A medical interview and a physical examination are used to check whether the desired activity could negatively affect the development of the young person. The corresponding certificate must then be presented to the employer.

The costs for this examination will be covered. Please print out the questionnaire before the appointment and bring it with you.

Youth Check-Up J1

In the J1 youth check-up, both the health status and the social situation in which the young people grow up are assessed diagnostically. The aim is to identify health risks as well as signs of mental illness at an early stage in order to avoid long-term consequences.

The J1 youth check-up is fully covered by the health insurance companies.
Weitere Informationen gibt der Flyer zur Jugendvorsorge der KBV.

Cancer Screening For Men (from 45 years)

From the age of 45 you can have a preventive examination for prostate cancer every year. In addition, the lymph nodes are palpated and a urine test is carried out.


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